The Montessori teaching method unlocks a child’s potential and sparks a passion for learning, while teaching practical life skills.

Comfortable while still Challenging

The goal is to provide an all-round education. So while children can move ahead at their own pace in areas that they excel at, they are firmly grounded by the teacher in areas which may not be their strong suits.

Community Compassion and Learning

A successful Montessori class operates as a small social community in which children learn to work together, resolve conflicts peacefully, encourage and acknowledge each other, and social skills, character and community service are promoted.

Montessori Tawa – Room 9

Room 9 is a small community within Tawa Primary, run almost entirely by the students. They keep the room in order, tend to the plants and a small garden, organize special events and generally move about the school independently. Along with the New Zealand curriculum, practical life skills are taught, with real life assignments such as budgeting and cooking.