The Montessori class within Tawa School offers families within the northern suburbs of Wellington a Montessori education for 6 - 12 year olds. The first class started in January 2004.

The Montessori children currently occupy one classroom within the school.

This class follows the NZ national curriculum using a Montessori approach, with children also taking part in school-wide arts, cultural and sporting activities.

The children from the Montessori class take part in assembly and any whole school activities, they participate in any sports teams they wish to, and attend school camps.

The class teacher is part of the school team, ensuring the unit is well integrated into the school, whilst still preserving the Montessori character and method of education.

Commitment from Parents

The class have a wonderful community of very supportive parents and whanau. In particular are the Manaaki Montessori Education Trust (MMET), who set up the class and continue to work hard to raise funds for materials, contribute towards staffing and to keep the class running smoothly.

Our Teacher

The MMET and Board at Tawa School are committed to offering a high standard of Montessori education within the class. The MMET aims to have teachers who are both state trained and Montessori trained and progressively supports the teachers’ Montessori development education.

Benefits of the Montessori Primary Programme

The two main goals for a primary school child are to gain confidence and to build their love of learning. The Montessori philosophy provides a child with extended time in which to develop their emerging intellectual abilities in all areas of the curriculum. They can take each step as they become ready, without feeling threatened by being pushed ahead too fast, or stifled by being made to wait for others to catch up.

Learning is self-paced, based on the child’s own needs. Some six year olds may be working with reading and writing materials nominally intended for eight year olds; equally, a nine year old may need to review maths lessons designed for a seven year old. Each successful step in the learning process builds the child’s confidence to take further risks and make wider explorations.

Individual learning plans are developed for each student based on their needs. This plan will offer challenging activities while providing opportunities to succeed and reducing frustration.

Montessori education allows each child to reach his or her full potential and to encourage a lifetime love of learning.